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New line, City of gods 8a+, on Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

Tomas Sobotka and Jirka Lautner put up City of gods, 8a+, on Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The route has become the hardest line on Sugarloaf mountain. Tomas and Jirka worked on the route three days and then they succesfully redpointed it.

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Interview with Pavel Bém: He is going to climb Mount Everest

The mayor of the City of Prague, Pavel Bem, is going to climb Mount Everest. Pavel Bem is a Czech politician, first vice-chairman of Civic Democratic Party since 2006.
1) Why did you choose just Mount Everest? Why did you not choose another Himalayan peak?

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HUDY Boulder Cup 2007 results

The 2007 annual bouldering competition Hudy boulder Cup in Elbe Sandstones won 14-year-old Adam Ondra and Nelly Kudrova. Around 200 competitors came from all over Europe to the Outdoor Bouldering Meeting. There are the results, pics and video with Adam Ondra.

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