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Interview with Pavel Bém: He is going to climb Mount Everest

July 6th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in Featured

pavel bém

The mayor of the City of Prague, Pavel Bem, is going to climb Mount Everest. Pavel Bem is a Czech politician, first vice-chairman of Civic Democratic Party since 2006.

1) Why did you choose just Mount Everest? Why did you not choose another Himalayan peak?

Why Mount Everest? Because it is there. Because it is the highest mountain in the world. It is the greatest of the greatest. I don’t know many climbers who don’t want to reach it.

2) You have managed 5 peaks from 7 summits. Is this one of the reasons for wanting to climb Mt. Everest?

7 continents, 7 highest mountais - Of course it can be one of the reasons for climbers and adventurers. Neverthless, the key thing for me is natured beauty, attractiveness and sport challenge which Mount Everest offers.

3) If you are successful with Everest, will you plan an ascent to the next peak from the 7 summits which you haven’t climbed?

Of course, the next challange will be the highest mountain of Antartica – Mt. Vinson.

4) Mountains reputedly have a unique gift – they clean the mountaineer’s head and offer an experience in pragmatism. Is it true?

Exactly. Furthermore I added that they charge people up with energy. It is a magnet, passion, challenge, a chance to overcome your limit, a chance to reach your limits. Every a climber knows what I am talking about.


Photo courtesy of Pavel Bém

5) Mt. Everest has become quite consumer’s issue – overcrowded base camp, fixed ropes, mess. What do you think of it?

I don’t care about it. I don’t have the ambition to figure out various statistics or rankings.I am concentrating only on climbing.

6) Which route did you choose, will you take a breathing apparatus, will you go in alpine style? Please, describe your plans more.

We chose a more difficult and perhaps also faster route. We will go from the Tibetian side over the north gap without using a breathing apparatus. We will set up advanced Base camp and Camp 1 in the north gap. Then we want to continue in accordance with qualities of acclimatization for the summit quickest.

7) Do you train often? Do you have special training for climbing Mt. Everest?

I train whenever time allows me. Fitness center, bicycle, cross-country skiing, rock climbing. Work is more important, so sleep is at the expense of training.

8) When did you begin climb?

I have already climbed 25 years.

9) What other climbing targets are you thinking about?

We spoke about Mt.Vinson, there is the fantastic K2. But now I have only one target: Climb Mt. Everest!

10) Do you monitor climbing news on the internet or in magazines? What do you think about world-known accomplishments of Tomas Mrazek, Adam Ondra, Marek Holecek…?

I am trying to stay up with the current climbing news – sometimes I look on various websites. I have known about their fine performance – Tomas Mrazek is totally famous. I am monitoring them and I am a fan of them.


Photo courtesy of Pavel Bém


Pavel Bem won ski-mountaineering competition”The night of the seal skins” last month.

Photo courtesy of Stepan Pleskac


Pavel Bem won ski-mountaineering competition”The night of the seal skins” last month.

Photo courtesy of Stepan Pleskac


Photo courtesy of Pavel Bém


Photo courtesy of Pavel Bém

Thank you for the interview. Good luck!


Pavel Bém (born July 18, 1963) has many interests besides his political career, including climbing, ski-mountaineering,skiing, cycling, tennis, travelling, music - classic, rock and jazz.

Translation from interview in Czech language.

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