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MAGIC WOOD - Is there still any magic in the wood?

December 6th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in Bouldering

magic-wood.gifSince nearly two months the weather in magic wood (switzerland) is on the rather bad side for bouldering - warm and rainy… Nevertheless the summer-hollidays have started and its high season in the wood like lots of tents on the campground are indicating.

This year it looks like this means: stolen and “flooded away” pads (–> 400$ reward for the stolen pads!!!), people shitting and urinating literally under boulderproblems, endless “rests” of cigarettes and ghettoblaster sound in the wood. And again the VERY smart ones who think that they don’t have to pay the campgroundfee… It has not to be pointed out that this kind of behaviour brings some serious problems with it…

The campground in magic wood is unique for swizterland and a BIG favour from the community of ausserferrera, which does not make any fortune with it. they just want to minimize the loss which comes together from the construction- and maintenance costs, the support of toiletts and firewood and the garbagefee. So the 4$ is NOT that much if one can travel through half of europe or arround the oceans! If the “camping-regime” not works better, the community can (and will) very easily close the whole boulder-area!!!

It’s a shame that one even has to write this. But to all the ignorants that have still not realized it yet: magic wood is an outdoor-boulder-area situated in a natural environment - its NOT a gym - which means, that people are guests and shoud behave so…. But ignorance is wide spread, e.g. the fact that visitors take stashed crashpads (from locals) and take them wherever they want to… Like these stupid guy(s) arround one month ago. they have left several times several (local-) pads right under ug1. And this despite we(the locals) told them again and again to put the pads higher up, because the river easily can (and has allready several times) get 4-5meters more when there is heavy rain in the mountains. And it happened exactly like this. So two mondo, one big metolius and two small pads have been flooded away and are lost - some days later, one mondo was kindly saved out of the river by some british guys.

Another story is about the recently stolen pads. If you “know” somebody who was in/has returned during the last three weeks from magic wood with an (additional) mondo and/or some dropzone-pads - they may have stolen it!!! The pads are marked with “XXX” and/or the name “martinkeller” - so it shall be easy to identify them. I will put out a reward for informations in this pad-robbery - lets say some 400 dollars for informations to catch these pad-gangster-bastards… First enjoy the area, then rob the locals who “worked” like hell to make bouldering even possible - thats just TOO much - its a lot of monney, but i am so f***** sick of such people. i want to see them burn, at least on the net!!! If you know anything, please send an email to “stolenpads@gmail.com” - the $$$$ will be yours!

Lets say finally that people who feel like they can not deal with a minimum of respect to nature and locals are “invited” to stay at home. All the others are welcome… And please if YOU meet some of the “others” - show them the way… may they just don’t know it better. Hopefully the “magic” will kind of stay in the wood.

greez from the wood,

Martin Keller

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One Response to “MAGIC WOOD - Is there still any magic in the wood?”

  1. Flora Says:

    Bad HEX placement- With only a small tug that HEX alosmt fell out of the crack. If a leader fell in any direction with even a small fall it could rip that sucker right out. Best to second climb especially with a experienced leader to understand how to place gear by actually trying to remove it/ clean it. Cams are more expensive, but if placed right will have much less of a chance to slide out as in this vid

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