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Climbing Topo Ortel: small area in the Czech Republic

December 6th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in Featured, Rock climbing


About Ortel

Ortel is phonolite (clinkstone) hill, 554 m high, in the North of the Czech Republic. Ortel is small climbing area, but is very popular for very nice rock climbing.

How to find the crags

In the North of the Czech Republic between small villages Sloup v Čechách and Lindava you will find very nice local climbing area Ortel. See below the road map.


Turning from the high road to forest route: 50°44′38.13″N, 14°37′19.55″E

Rocks: 50°44′51.53″N, 14°37′49.24″E

Protection of bolts and safety

All routes have a lot of new bolts. You will need only 7 quickdraws.


Crags are on the south-facing slope. After rain rocks are very fast dry. There is good climbing in early spring and all autumn.

Where to sleep

You can camp in the forest next Ortel hill. There is free camping, but you can not make a fire. In the nearest towns Nový Bor and Sloup v Čechách are many hotels.

Advantages of Ortel

+ Crags are on the south-facing slope, you can climb in the winter

+ Good route access

+ Good protection - new bolts

Surrounding areas

Mainly Elbe Valley (Labské údolí) with a thousands of sandstones crags.

Rocks on the Slavíček hill (Svojkov, Sloup v Čechách).

Next local areas with lesser climbing value : Radvanec crags (bouldering), Milštejn, Jelení skok, Skalka Tower in Nový Bor, Rousínov, Kamenický Šenov, Sosnová.

More information about these areas http://cs.euroclimbing.com (only in the Czech language)

  • Map


Ortel – right massif

- Probably the best climbing on Ortel. See details of this massif with lines below.

Ortel – Vana Tower

- Very nice tower.

Ortel – left massif

- Left massif is overhanging crag and has difficult routes.


right massif

List of routes

1. Bolavé lýtka 7-

2. Anonymita autora 7

3. Šibenice 7+

4. Jarní zážeh 7

5. Koutová cesta 4

6. Kindergarten 5

7. Znělcové lepičky 7

8. Tvrdá patka 8-

9. No Longer 8+/9-


List of routes (from the left to right)

1. Orange punge 6

2. Galuska 7

3. Pieta 8

4. Sodomie 9-/9

levy masiv

Left massif


Left massif - overhanging crag

detail skaly

Left massif

Info & guide by Jakub Měkota (Miki)

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    My sister sang your pesairs for the past year, and I’m so glad I finally got to see what she was talking about. Your professionalism, work ethic, creativity, and ability to adapt are truly outstanding. It was so great to meet you and have you there for my sister and brother-in-law’s awesome day! Thanks so much!-Britni

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