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Video: Adam Ondra - Open Air 9a+

Check the video how Adam Ondra has done Open Air 9a+ in Schleier Wasserfall.

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Photos of Adam Ondra - 8B Project in the Moravian Karst

Check the photos of Adam Ondra in the 8B project in Moravsky kras (Czech Republic).

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Heart of Stone - The New Film

It’s no secret that the Southeastern US has some of the best rock climbing in the country. Grassroots organizations like the Southeastern Climbers Coalition and the Carolina Climbers Coalition are gaining and preserving access to this treasure in a unique way - by buying it. the annual Triple Crown Bouldering Competition - the largest outdoor [...]

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Pan Aroma, 8c

The giant roof of the Cima Ovest is without any doubt one of the most impressive formations in the climbing world. In 1968, these 40 horizontal meters were first climbed by the germans Gerhard Baur and the Rudolph brothers and their route got famous as the “biggest roof on earth”.

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Rock Climbing Topo of Seynes

About Seynes
Seynes is beautiful cliff made by continuous limestone tufa formations. It’s located in southern France.

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Climbing Topo Ortel: small area in the Czech Republic

About Ortel
Ortel is phonolite (clinkstone) hill, 554 m high, in the North of the Czech Republic. Ortel is small climbing area, but is very popular for very nice rock climbing.

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MAGIC WOOD - Is there still any magic in the wood?

Since nearly two months the weather in magic wood (switzerland) is on the rather bad side for bouldering - warm and rainy… Nevertheless the summer-hollidays have started and its high season in the wood like lots of tents on the campground are indicating.

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New line, City of gods 8a+, on Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

Tomas Sobotka and Jirka Lautner put up City of gods, 8a+, on Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The route has become the hardest line on Sugarloaf mountain. Tomas and Jirka worked on the route three days and then they succesfully redpointed it.

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