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International Rock Climbing Festival in Guamka (Krasnodar Region)

117 routes in 9 sectors have already been prepared. 20 new routes will be ready to the beginning of the Festival. The program of the Festival includes the following disciplines: difficult climbing routes, pair linked climbing, difficult climbing with time (the final), speed climbing, and dry tooling.

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MELLOBLOCCO! 7-10 May 2009, Val Masino

Remember that Melloblocco is not only boulders and nature, it is also environmental issues, parties, fun and meeting people from all over the world!

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Final Stage of Ice Climbing World Cup 2009 in Busteni, Romania

Check out the results and video from the final stage of Ice Climbing World Cup 2009 in Romania.

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HUDY Boulder Cup 2007 results

The 2007 annual bouldering competition Hudy boulder Cup in Elbe Sandstones won 14-year-old Adam Ondra and Nelly Kudrova. Around 200 competitors came from all over Europe to the Outdoor Bouldering Meeting. There are the results, pics and video with Adam Ondra.

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