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Adam Ondra has done Corona 11+

Adam Ondra has done the hardest route in Frankejura - Corona 11+. Check-out pictures of his ascent.

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International Rock Climbing Festival in Guamka (Krasnodar Region)

117 routes in 9 sectors have already been prepared. 20 new routes will be ready to the beginning of the Festival. The program of the Festival includes the following disciplines: difficult climbing routes, pair linked climbing, difficult climbing with time (the final), speed climbing, and dry tooling.

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Topo of Strelnice - sport sandstone area in the Czech Republic

Strelnice is the local sport sandstone area in the North Bohemia. All routes are well bolt-protected and the crag is very popular between ambitious climbers who are trying to push their limits.

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Photos of Adam Ondra - 8B Project in the Moravian Karst

Check the photos of Adam Ondra in the 8B project in Moravsky kras (Czech Republic).

[ More ] December 17th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Bouldering, Featured |

Pan Aroma, 8c

The giant roof of the Cima Ovest is without any doubt one of the most impressive formations in the climbing world. In 1968, these 40 horizontal meters were first climbed by the germans Gerhard Baur and the Rudolph brothers and their route got famous as the “biggest roof on earth”.

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Rock Climbing Topo of Seynes

About Seynes
Seynes is beautiful cliff made by continuous limestone tufa formations. It’s located in southern France.

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Climbing Topo Ortel: small area in the Czech Republic

About Ortel
Ortel is phonolite (clinkstone) hill, 554 m high, in the North of the Czech Republic. Ortel is small climbing area, but is very popular for very nice rock climbing.

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Interview with Pavel Bém: He is going to climb Mount Everest

The mayor of the City of Prague, Pavel Bem, is going to climb Mount Everest. Pavel Bem is a Czech politician, first vice-chairman of Civic Democratic Party since 2006.
1) Why did you choose just Mount Everest? Why did you not choose another Himalayan peak?

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